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Acts of the world

Acts of the world

Hey this podcast will be talking about racial discrimination it is called acts of the world this will also be talking about I disable discrimination so we can make a change in the world!

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  • Maker: Landon Wetherbee
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  • 00:12:25

    Today we will be talking about my no place for hate N elementary school and making my school and no please trade school and help you make your school and it was right school so your parents don’t have to come home to Spenton notices and you ...

  • 00:14:19

    In this episode I have my mom as a cohost and we’re going to be talking about stereo typical scenarios and how it can affect people and how it’s bad for the environment and bad for the world and how we can get people to stop doing it and I’ ...

  • 00:14:29

    In this episode we will be talking about keeping on pushing and not giving up and what it feels like and how good you feel when you don’t give up because you accomplished it and Tune in for some methods on how you can not give up ...

  • 00:10:53

    In this podcast we will be talking about how we can reduce hatred and reduce discrimination In our community and not hold grudges ...

  • 00:09:13

    Today in this podcast we will be talking about how you can contribute to the disabled community in the racial community and what could help us minimize that hatred get out there and contribute to the disabled commander a little goes a long ...

  • 00:11:39

    Today in this podcast we will be talking about labels and how we can figure out a way to stop labels and society ...

  • 00:00:22

    Recovered draft


    I guess we will be talking about labels and how much it really affects people and how we can come up with a solution to where it doesn’t affect people ...

  • 00:12:34

    Ga we will be talking about the words handicapped and disabled and how we can make better contacts for people to say ...

  • 00:12:42

    Today we will be talking about making a difference in this world is to being a good friend and inclusion ...


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