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Audio Panorama is een 2-wekelijkse podcast met gecreëerde "geluidslandschappen", of audio panorama's.

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    Nothing left, nothing left. Time is unlimited, try living someone else's life. Start making other plans, go there where the path may lead. Be close to failure, give up. --- Send in a voice message: ...

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    It literally means soft (and) strong. Its sounds should resemble a guitar, but have more similarities to a bell. You can hear this bell ringing and not know. You play it, it is playful. Man is playful, homo ludens. --- Send in a voice me ...

  • 12:42



    We of Audio Panorama love sounds of all kinds and of all origins. The sound of nature, the sound of humans, the sound of animals in their natural habitat, or far from it. Even — or should we say: even more? — the ethereal sound of matter in ...

  • 08:30

    Stalk stalk


    The four elements find their place. As well as speculating about what is really going on. The picture changes from black and white to color; otherwise there is silence. People disappear in such a way that the zone appears to have a consciou ...

  • 11:09

    What is the taste of the holes in a Swiss cheese? When you blink your eyes, what do you see if they have just closed? What do you feel right before someone puts her hand on your hand or just after she lifts her hand from your hand? What do ...

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    Of all the sounds that surround us, the human voice occupies the most prominent place. The human voice in all its manifestations. As a means of communication. As a messenger with commercial or political motives. As a musical instrument. Or ...

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    Niet ik, niet jij


    Time: you can think of it as a large plain, a long sausage, as a beginning to an end. But it could just as well be a moment, a tick, a drop. Infinitely repeated, distorted, stretched. It's the same at its core, it's completely different at ...

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    It was not that I was upset while travelling to the west on my latest model carpet what I purchased not half an hour ago from a boutique. It was more that my morale was broken by a confrontation with the pack. A sense of liberty was missing ...

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    Words like violence come to talk with me again. In restless dreams vows are spoken, people talking piercing right through me. Words are very softly creeping. Take my arms, here in my arms. They are very unnecessary, planted in my brain. In ...


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