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Awaken your soul's truth Activate your unique codes Embody the frequency of your desires Hi I am Risma Thakoerdat I am an inner work specialist, shadow alchemist and embodiment coach. This is a sacred space where I empower and activate soul-led women to reclaim their body, life and business, so that they can create a divinely purposeful life.

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100 Afleveringen

  • 19:55

    What does feeling has to do with your sensuality? What about everything! Feeling is one of the form your senses! When you’re not able to feel your feelings, What you’re subconsciously signaling to your body, is not accepting not even ac ...

  • 20:47

    Episode 105: How pleasure became a healing journey. Pleasure a healer? Yes pleasure can become a healer. In this episode I share how pleasure became a healing journey. And how working on my pleasure connected me deeper to my intuition. ...

  • 20:14

    Episode 101: How my life became my practice! In this episode I share a profound insight. How my life became my practice. I am reflecting back and sharing the nuggets and wisdom. Let me know what nuggets you found. Leave a comment on my ...

  • 18:19

    Episode 100, This episode is about the the Sirius portal, the message that came through. I dive some more in lightworkers wounding and sharing my own wounding and how it showed up in my life. When you resonate with the lightworkers woun ...

  • 15:47

    Episode 99 is about a client casestudy. I rather loose it all then, …. This casestudy is about the 3 main blocks of women Worthiness Power and Sexuality. I talk about how one of these blocks can show up in a deep way. And how it is inter ...

  • 13:52

    In this Episode 98 I talk about the misunderstanding about innerwork and tell you what the other side is. That part that is not talked much about. And I share what my new program ARRIVE is about. My insta handle @rismathakoerdat To send ...

  • 14:36

    Episode 97 is about how te create and practice radical self acceptance. I share how you can do this and why it is important. When you need help with practicing radical self acceptance, send me a dm for a clarity call. Let me know if you a ...

  • 13:53

    Episode 96 In this episode of the Inner Journey I will share something new I a different style Intimacy is…. I share what intimacy means to me and my personal story about intimacy and how I created intimacy. I hope to inspire you with ...


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