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In this podcast we share our experience with you to learn and entertain. Showing you our approach to IT, e-commerce and retail tech platforms. We are looking into the things that we’re enthusiastic about that are happening here at As always, we have a bunch of ideas to share… This is how we do IT! Topics in the episodes vary from: - tech oriented, for instance the introduction of new programming languages - business-tech oriented, for instance the way we apply data science in retail challenges - way of working in tech, cultural aspects and agility

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  • 47:55

    A few months ago we noticed a message that stood out on our internal platform. Basically, it stated: “I’m back”. Naturally, it happens every now and then that employees explore their horizons but still return to However, the numbe ...

  • 39:26

    Everybody can go to and check the Front-End of our webshop. But what if you are a seller, supplier, partner or internal employee? What is your view when interacting with our IT systems? In general, you will use one of our Portals. ...

  • 1:01:16

    Welcome to episode number 100! A special show with a very interesting topic: Inclusion of Introverts and Introversion. We asked our CEO Margaret Versteden for a quote for this number 100. She surprised us with the fact that this topic is s ...

  • 34:56

    This episode is 2021 Techlab Wrapped. Inspired by one of the platforms that host our podcast Spotify. It is the end of Season 3 and the end of 2021. Time to look back and to look ahead. 2021 Wrapped and maybe a glimpse into 2022. What the ...

  • 41:21

    During the recording of this episode, we are in the week of Black Friday. An exciting week for people hunting for bargains. And also for a lot of our colleagues. Whether that is from a commercial point of view or an engineering one. All th ...

  • 48:06

    If you are a regular listener to the podcast or an e-commerce watcher, you know “the season” is very important for us. It is a yearly recurring theme in the podcast. You are probably also aware that uptime and responsiveness of our app and ...

  • 46:15

    In this episode, we virtually visit the AI for Retail Lab and dive with two members into the world of recommendations. The AI for Retail (AIR) Lab Amsterdam is a joint UvA-Ahold Delhaize industry lab and conducts research into socially res ...

  • 45:12

    Warehouse mechanization is a part of our IT landscape where our IT meets the physical world. It is one of those places where we encounter that while we could scale our IT almost indefinitely in the cloud, the physical world and warehouses ...

  • 58:08

    Some aspects of software engineering are easily overlooked. In the book The Programmer’s Brain some of these like reading code, thinking about code and collaborating on code are at the centre. In this episode, we talk to the author of this ...


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