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Podcast for expats in Belgium who want to learn Dutch. Or Flemish. Which is the same thing, basically. But with a slightly different accent and a few strange words - for those living in the Netherlands, that is. In fact, they are not strange at all. What's odd about 'goesting', you tell me.

  • Podcast gepubliceerd op: 4/24/2022 1:17:23 AM
  • Maker: Gert Van Ostaeyen
  • Taal: nl-be
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  • 00:12:24

    In this lesson you will learn how to give personal information and ask others for information about themselves: where they live, what they do and so on. To see more information please go to Dutch for beginners at www.dutchonline.be and hav ...

  • 00:05:28

    In this lesson you will learn to ask for someone's name, give your own name and answer yes or no. Go to Dutch for beginners at dutchonline.be for more information. ...

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