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  • 25:30

    Many of the continent’s economies are hamstrung by debt—much of it held internationally. We look at the growing need for closer co-operation between China, Western creditors and multilateral institutions. A city on Ukraine’s front line has ...

  • 25:59

    China’s gay communities are facing a campaign of repression. LGBT support groups are being closed down and pride events are being cancelled. The Economist’s Beijing bureau chief, David Rennie, and senior China correspondent, Alice Su, exa ...

  • 27:47

    The global digital-payments shift is more than just a matter of convenience. We examine the cashlessness push in different economies and potential effects on different currencies. The Golden Mile, a pioneering multi-purpose architectural e ...

  • 22:52

    A selection of three essential articles read aloud from the latest issue of The Economist. This week, why Donald Trump is very likely to be the Republican nominee for president, how to fix Britain’s National Health Service (09:55) and comp ...

  • 21:49

    Recep Tayyip Erdogan has again retained the presidency. We ask how the best chance in a generation to unseat him came unstuck—and what to expect from an emboldened autocrat. South Korea’s suicide rates have turned a dark corner, with death ...

  • 38:54

    Normally we take one big theme shaping American politics and explore it in depth. This week is a little different: we’re going to answer your questions. We tackle whether America will ever have a female president, the politics of health-ca ...

  • 26:30

    From infantry to air defences and even electronic warfare, improved strategies and engineering could threaten Ukraine’s counter-offensive plans. How can these ramped-up defences be breached? What would a world of superintelligent AI look l ...

  • 42:35

    From Alipay’s QR codes to PayPal, it’s never been easier to move money around. Central banks are even considering their own digital currencies. And all that cross-border cashlessness has some wondering about the dollar’s international domi ...

  • 24:32

    After a glitchy announcement on Twitter, the Florida governor’s campaign is off to a shaky start. And despite strong donor backing, he will struggle to secure the Republican party nomination. Airlines are under increasing pressure to decar ...

  • 39:46

    Clinical trials are the gold standard for testing the safety and efficacy of a treatment or drug, and a keystone in modern medicine. But their grinding timelines and skyrocketing price tags are hindering development and, ultimately, costin ...


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