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As an ambitious entrepreneur or professional you are continuously working on growth and development, in your company or career and as a person. In the Mindful & Millionaire podcast I, Steffy Roos du Maine, am looking for the best spiritual tools to help you develop yourself in business. From meditation to manifesting and from ayahuasca to Zen Buddhism. I will talk with various experts and share my own experiences to inspire you. So that you and your business can grow at all possible levels.

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  • 00:24:01

    In this episode I talk with Celine Charlotte about money, business success & challenges, spirituality, embracing imperfections and the daily practices that keep her grounded as a successful entrepreneur.? Money is empowering, and being ...

  • 00:29:47

    In this episode, we’re joined by Yasmin Elzomor, a transformational coach who talks about relationships, sex, spirituality, mental health, and everything that makes us human. After experiencing a spontaneous spiritual awakening at the age ...

  • 00:31:08

    Fleur was born in the Netherlands and raised in the United States. She grew up with a deep connection in the spiritual world, which has opened so many doors for her career. Now, she teaches her students to trust their intuition and stay in ...

  • 00:24:47

    In this episode of the Mindful and Millionaire podcast, we encounter some exciting topics revolving around spirituality and purpose. We are sitting down with Maggie Doyne, the founder of the Blink Now Foundation and best-selling author of ...

  • 00:24:49

    Today, we will discuss how spirituality, pursuing your passion and being an entrepreneur can mix. And we invited a very special guest with us. Fia Forsström, or “Fia”, is a spiritual singer/songwriter known for her catchy melodies and insp ...

  • 00:31:57

    Baptist de Pape is a lawyer turned author and filmmaker. On top of that, he’s also a spiritual explorer whose passion is finding one’s true purpose in life. Baptist had been the guy behind the remarkable book and film called The Power of t ...

  • 00:30:47

    We open a fresh start by welcoming an exceptional guest in today’s episode. Author, speaker, and spiritual guide Swami Purnachaintanya is in the show to share his keen interest in meditation and mindfulness. He answers questions about his ...

  • 00:01:46

    Grow and learn: interviews with inspiring experts on combining spirituality, business and life. As an ambitious entrepreneur or professional you are continuously working on growth and development, in your company or career and as a person. ...

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