The X-Collective - by RocketX podcast

The X-Collective - by RocketX

The X-Collective - by RocketX

A series of in-depth interviews with founders, tech veterans, VC’s, and inspiring visionaries who share their experiences and vision on growth within the scale-up community.

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  • 00:46:32

    A lot of B2B scale-ups are fixated on generating high volumes and expanding their customer base. Investors care about, revenues, right?  So let’s grow as big as possible, as fast as possible. But here's the catch: while they're bus ...

  • 00:36:11

    In the world of scale-ups, where growth and expansion are paramount, discussions about a company’s regulatory strategy may seem unusual. However, those who understand the potential impact of regulatory and political factors on their busine ...

  • 00:45:23

    In this month's xCollective we’re discussing an exciting subject! Well, exciting for some, less for others. Nevertheless, a topic that occupies the minds of many founders. We’re going to talk about employee incentive plans and the differen ...

  • 00:38:13

    Did you know that increasing customer retention rates by 5% increases profits by 25% to 95%? In the 7th episode of the xCollective we’re going to talk about customer success, an often underutilized function within early stage growth compan ...

  • 00:35:15

    Another month, another xCollective. This time we’re going to discuss the topic of equity management with Floris van Hoogenhuyze, co-founder and CEO of WE.VESTR. They’re aiming to simplify equity management through its all-in one platform f ...

  • 00:38:27

    In this month's xCollective podcast Beer Zandt spoke to Nadine van der Wal, Head of Growth at Spotr. An AI-powered building inspection platform, that has grown from an innovative idea to an internationally backed company. Their growth jour ...

  • 00:34:10

    Deel has one of the most extraordinary growth stories in this day and age. Growing remotely from zero to 1000 in a window of three years, it’s impressive to say the least. What are the consequences for hiring talent globally and how to ben ...

  • 00:39:02

    Raising Series A funding is arguably the most critical funding round for founders throughout their entire fundraising journey. A lot has changed in the fundraising landscape over the last 12-18 months. To find out how, we talked to Ilan ...


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