538 Dance Department Backstage podcast

538 Dance Department Backstage

538 Dance Department Backstage

In deze podcast gaat Dennis Ruyer "backstage" met insiders uit de dance scene. De interviews zijn Engelstalig.

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5 Afleveringen

  • 32:07

    30 minutes behind the scenes of electronic music with Reinier Zonneveld, telling us all about going from playing on illegal raves to the opening of Awakenings, and graduating on two masters in university while breaking through in the techno ...

  • 21:43

    Picture this. A radio dj and dj/producer in a lockdown talking on Zoom about music and life. Dennis Ruyer is sitting in an empty studio in a red pyjama. Yotto is sitting at his house in Finland while his dog running through the house and hi ...

  • 25:33

    Dance Department Backstage with Mark Knight, telling us everything about falling in love with electronic music, songs that changed his life and the unique opportunities a world wide lockdown brought him. See omnystudio.com/listener for pri ...

  • 32:02

    30 minutes behind the scenes with house legend MK, about starting selling records while being completely broke, creating instant classics and the old school Detroit music scene he came from. See omnystudio.com/listener for privacy informat ...

  • 32:25

    30 minutes behind the scenes with our Dutch fellows Lucas & Steve, about making the best out of lock downs, the music they grew up with, their working process as a duo and some of their wildest fantasies. See omnystudio.com/listener for pr ...

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