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If you can never get enough true crime... Congratulations, you’ve found your people.

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  • 00:57:27

    When 5-year-old Dulce Maria Alavez vanishes from a playground in New Jersey, the whole community pitches in to help search for her. But thousands of leads later - and nearly three years after her mysterious disappearance – law enforcement ...

  • 01:01:35

    Cuando Dulce María Alavez, de 5 años, se desaparece de un parque infantil en Nueva Jersey, toda la comunidad colabora para ayudar a buscarla. Pero despues de miles de pistas, y casi tres años después de su misteriosa desaparición, la polic ...

  • 00:41:42

    When six young girls are found murdered, their similarities link them all to one killer. With no witnesses and no leads, investigators are still asking who is The Freeway Phantom over forty years later.    If you have any information regar ...

  • 00:05:43

    Investigative journalist, Delia D'Ambra, is back with a fourth season of CounterClock. She jumps right into investigating a teenager's mysterious death from 2003 in rural South Florida only to find that nothing is as it seems. Twists and t ...

  • 00:30:30

    Polly Klaas was taken from her own home in the middle of the night back in 1993. But had the legal system worked like it was supposed to, the man who took her never should have been walking free that night to enter her home. Her case went ...

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    If you'd like to leave words of encouragement & well wishes for Brit, we've posted a virtual card on our social media accounts as a place to do so. Please feel free to share longer messages, stories, and images, by emailing them to us at c ...

  • 00:30:37

    When the bodies of eight missing sex workers are found in the home of a serial killer in Poughkeepsie, New York, one woman is noticeably absent: Michelle Eason. Decades after closing the case against Kendall Francois, police are still look ...

  • 00:33:52

    When Michelle Eason is reported missing, she’s the fifth sex worker in one year to vanish from Poughkeepsie, New York. As police work to get to the bottom of all the disappearances, there’s no shortage of suspects.  If you have any informa ...

  • 00:48:57

    When 19-year-old Southern Illinois University student Pravin Varughese dies unexpectedly, police quickly rule his death a tragic accident and close the case. But for many, the facts just don’t quite add up. His mother’s years-long battle f ...

  • 00:53:52

    An anonymous letter-writer antagonized residents of Circleville, Ohio for years, singling out the school superintendent, Gordon Massie, and a local bus driver, Mary Gillispie, as the focus of much of the vitriol. When Mary finds a booby tr ...


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