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If you can never get enough true crime... Congratulations, you’ve found your people.

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  • 00:46:03

    A young woman is abducted in the middle of the day, and despite seeming like an open and shut case, her family is still searching for answers almost 30 years later.   If you have any information about Heather’s disappearance, you can conta ...

  • 00:26:52

    When Michael and Mary Short are found murdered in their Virginia home in August of 2002, the question on everyone’s minds is: where is their nine-year-old daughter Jennifer? But as weeks go by with no solid leads, authorities grow more and ...

  • 00:21:50

    When Nicole Fitts is found murdered in a park in San Francisco, both her family and law enforcement have the same two questions: who killed her, and where is her 2-year-old daughter, Arianna? The investigation into Arianna’s disappearance ...

  • 00:34:27

    Five-year-old Hassani Campbell disappears without a trace, leaving behind a community desperate for answers. No one knew four-year-old Tianna Kirchner was missing for four years, until a chilling phone call shocks law enforcement and the p ...

  • 00:08:13

    Today, October 31, 2022, the Indiana State Police, in conjunction with the Carroll County Sheriff’s Office, United States Marshals Service, and the Carroll County Prosecutors Office, held a press conference where they made the announcement ...

  • 00:51:30

    Celina Mays was 12 years old when she vanished from her bedroom in the middle of the night back in 1996. Her disappearance helped peel back the curtain on a small controversial church where an environment of shame, isolation and fear allow ...

  • 00:36:19

    When 8-year-old Stella Nolan went missing in 1953, no one could have known that she was the first in a long list of children that would disappear throughout the 50s and 60s in Los Angeles, California. But despite child after child vanishin ...

  • 00:51:46

    Toddlers Kreneice Jones and LaMoine Allen disappear from a small town in Mississippi during a family gathering on Mother’s Day in 1992 under bizarre circumstances. The two children aren’t related – in fact, they barely know each other – an ...

  • 00:47:30

    When two boys are found deceased on the train tracks in Bryant, Arkansas, their deaths are considered a tragic and unexpected accident. But as their parents begin looking for answers, they uncover deep-rooted corruption and a scheme to cov ...

  • 00:31:53

    Recently divorced and living on her own in a new city, 27-year-old Owachige Osceola’s life was in a season of transition before she was killed in the bedroom of her Norman, Oklahoma apartment in September 2013. While the medical examiner w ...


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