Ask Phill: What's e-coming? podcast

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Ask Phill: What's e-coming?

Ask Phill: What's e-coming?

You’re listening to What’s E-coming. An Ask Phill podcast where co-founders Martijn Wijsmuller and Paul Veen have a conversation with e-commerce founders and experts to talk about the future and development of the ecommerce industry. Just so you know what's e-coming. Ask Phill Shopify Plus Our blogs

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19 Afleveringen

  • 00:33:18

    Today we’re talking about finding the balance between ecommerce and physical retail. More and more digital brands are syncing their ecommerce store with physical stores, and the two can be a great compliment to each other. Today we’re join ...

  • 00:47:02

    It’s the final episode of series two and we’re thrilled to be joined by Stefan Bay Jensen, design technologist at Camille Brinch Jewellery! From a home-studio in her parent’s shed to a professional workshop and a growing e-commerce team, ...

  • 00:55:09

    In this episode we’re joined by Paul Rogers & Josh Duggan, the best-friend duo that built the London e-commerce consultancy, Vervaunt. Since 2017 they’ve been driving growth for e-commerce brands in Paid Media, UX auditing, e-commerce ...

  • 00:42:36

    In this episode, Paul & Martijn talk with Tim Masek,founder of 1-800-D2C. 1-800-D2C is a directory and blog about D2C e-commerce, guiding professionals in finding the best tools for their e-commerce tech stack. Through interviews, valu ...

  • 00:47:39

    Miista is a fashion brand that was born in East London but has roots stretching back to Spain’s Atlantic coast. Founders Laura and Pablo believe in shopping less by buying belongings that last longer. Their collections are lovingly crafted ...

  • 00:39:03

    Today we’re joined by Quince and Zoe Karssen from Gaia Gaia. Limited-run collections and superior fabrics, Gaia Gaia is a laidback luxury fashion brand. Founded in 2020 by Quince and Zoe, the brand brings a conscious approach to the future ...

  • 00:49:09

    Back in 2017 Kasper Brani Petersen and Lotte Vink asked themselves: “What if we never had to do laundry again?” and with that was born an idea for a life-proof clothing brand. Splash, stain and smell-resistant, Labfresh clothes are the fut ...


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