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  • 00:29:20

    Kim Cheatle said she took 'full responsibility' for the security lapse surrounding the assassination attempt on Donald Trump. She had faced calls from Democrats and Republicans to step down. Also: scientists push for a new HIV vaccine to b ...

  • 00:25:42

    The US vice-president's campaign has secured a record amount of donations. Also, China says Hamas, Fatah and a dozen other Palestinian factions have agreed to set up an interim administration for Gaza, and the first blind Barbie doll goes ...

  • 00:30:13

    Kamala Harris accused Donald Trump of taking the US backwards. She promised more gun control and protection for reproductive rights. In his first public comments since pulling out of the race, Joe Biden urged Democrats to embrace Ms Harris ...

  • 00:34:38

    Major Democrat politicians and donors - including the Clintons - support Vice-President Kamala Harris as the party's new presidential nominee. Also: soldiers deployed as student protests continue to ramp up in Bangladesh, and the BBC confr ...

  • 00:25:28

    US President Joe Biden has ended his re-election campaign. He says it’s in the best interest of his party and the country. Mr Biden has endorsed Vice-President Kamala Harris as the new Democratic nominee. Donald Trump says Biden “was not f ...

  • 00:31:05

    The US Republican presidential candidate told supporters that he had taken 'a bullet for democracy'. Thousands had waited for hours to attend the rally in Grand Rapids, Michigan. Also: an American woman is reunited with her family after sp ...

  • 00:27:17

    Ambassador Lim Ki-mo started singing Brazilian songs at public events to raise spirits during the covid pandemic. Videos posted online went viral and he was invited to perform at a famous Samba club in Rio. He tells us it's an expression ...

  • 00:28:19

    Affected healthcare, banking and airline systems are slowly coming back online. The crisis was caused by a faulty software update. Also: the UN's top court rules that Israel's occupation of Palestinian territories is illegal, and a trailbl ...

  • 00:29:39

    Barack Obama has reportedly joined other senior Democrats in urging Mr Biden to consider his position. The 81-year-old president has suspended campaigning while he recovers from Covid. Also: thousands of rare bird eggs have been seized in ...


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