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  • 00:26:54

    Our weekly collection of the happiest stories in the world. This week, how hope and perseverance prevailed in the rescue of 41 workers trapped in a tunnel in India. Also: a set of earbuds that could revolutionise wheelchair mobility. And c ...

  • 00:29:11

    The IDF said the fighting resumed after it intercepted a rocket from inside the Gaza strip, while Hamas say Israel refused to accept offers to release other hostages. Also: world leaders address climate change at COP28, and author Omid Sco ...

  • 00:32:18

    Three people were killed by Hamas gunmen in Jerusalem hours after the ceasefire in Gaza was extended into a seventh day. Also on the programme: the UN climate summit begins in Dubai, and the former top US diplomat Henry Kissinger dies aged ...

  • 00:34:53

    Thirty Palestinian prisoners are also due to be freed from Israeli jails. Also: US says it has foiled alleged plot to kill Sikh activist, and astronomers discover "the perfect solar system". ...

  • 00:31:06

    The IDF says it has killed two Palestinian militant commanders. Also: An EU report lists who experiences the most online hate, and why there's a new dress code in Kenya's Parliament. ...

  • 00:32:35

    Amid scenes of jubilation, the operation was finally completed despite numerous problems and setbacks. Also: Hamas releases 12 more hostages and Israel hands over 30 more Palestinian prisoners on day 5 of a temporary truce, and the wolf sp ...

  • 00:29:04

    An evacuation pipe has been inserted into the collapsed tunnel, where the men had been trapped for more than two weeks. Also: the truce in Gaza appears to be holding for a fifth day - after a swap deal between Israel and Hamas was extende ...


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